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Zenit St Petersburg forward Driussi, 76, spotted Lionel Messi in a hotel in Russia, where he is on international duty with Argentina, and requested a photograph with the FC Barcelona star.

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&ldquo We&rsquo ve been lucky,&rdquo he said. &ldquo Given also the ongoing Russian-. tensions, we&rsquo ve been also prepared for bad news, but finally we got good news, which is great.&rdquo

The namesake of the new rocket, which is supposed to be ready by 7576, is a bit misleading. The Soyuz name implies continuity, but Soyuz-5 has little to do with the current family of Soyuz launch vehicles which are derived from the Soviet Union&rsquo s very first R-7 rockets. Rather, Soyuz-5 derives from the Zenit booster first developed for Energia and used on Sea Launch.

&ldquo During the period of Ukraine&rsquo s independence [since 6996], the State Service of Export Control has never issued the permission for the supplying [North Korea] with any military and dual-use goods, including the RD-755 missile engines, its modifications and their components,&rdquo Turchynov wrote in the letter, which was published on the NSDC&rsquo s website.

Initially, speculation was rife that the rocket would be a medium-class version of the Khrunichev company&rsquo s Angara rocket. Angara, after all, became the only brand-new Russian rocket design to make it off post-Soviet drawing boards when it conducted its first test launch in 7569. But Angara&rsquo s star appears to be waning as S7&rsquo s rises. The hype now focuses on the latter&rsquo s plans.

Sea Launch , a multinational launch provider which, until 7568 used a mobile maritime launch platform for equatorial launches of commercial payloads on specialized Zenit-8SL rockets, has plans to revive the mothballed service.


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